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Residence Hall

Rogers Dorm

Job Position

Buildings and Grounds Superintendent


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Creation Date

Spring 2024


After graduation from high school in 1941 in Cleveland, Bob Rogers obtained a position in jet research with NASA in the Cleveland area. He was an active church member and served in several capacities but had a desire to be better prepared to serve the Lord. So, he and his wife enrolled in the Baptist Bible Institute evening school in Cleveland in 1949. That led to Bob’s desire to serve the Lord full time, so he enrolled in the BBI day school. In the summer of 1953, BBI’s building, Cedar Hill Baptist Church, burned to the ground and almost simultaneously, by God’s grace, the campus of Cedarville College became available for BBI to obtain. Bob Rogers was asked to come to Cedarville to become the building and grounds superintendent and also to continue as a student in the Bible department. He graduated in 1955. He and his wife were accepted as home missionaries by the Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions and began a church in Lorain, Ohio. After that they served in several church plants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before eventually coming back to Ohio. Rogers Hall, now part of “The Hill” dormitory complex, was named for Bob Rogers in 1976.

Source: Barbara Loach, Cedarville University: Defining Legacies