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Residence Hall

St. Clair Dorm

Job Position

Business Manager/Vice President for Business


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Creation Date

Spring 2024


Ken St. Clair was born in Colorado and served in the Navy in World War II and the Korean War. He earned degrees in business from the University of Illinois and received his C.P.A. in 1962. Before coming to Cedarville College, he taught business courses at a college in Illinois and worked as an accountant. St. Clair came to Cedarville in 1959 to assist in organizing and developing the Department of Business Administration. Dr. Jeremiah then asked him to become business manager for the college, and he was later named Vice President for Business by Dr. Paul Dixon in 1983. During his time as an administrator, he continued to teach personal finance in the Department of Business. He was also active in the Cedarville community, serving as clerk treasurer and councilman for the Village of Cedarville for over 25 years, as head of the Cedarville Area Development Corporation, and as a member of the Chamber of Commerce. St. Clair Hall was named for him in 1999.

Source: Barbara Loach, Cedarville University: Defining Legacies