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Residence Hall

Marshall Dorm

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Physical Plant Staff


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Creation Date

Winter 2024


Pop Marshall worked at a builders’ supply company in West Virginia before coming to Cedarville in 1955. In his first years at Cedarville, he was a one-man maintenance department, involved in everything from laying brick, pouring cement, fixing cars as well as doing plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work. The college even had a cement block making machine, which Pop supervised. He directed the moving of the army barracks from Wright-Patterson Air Force base to the campus in 1957 where they became Faith residence hall (Old Faith which has now been demolished), and he helped bring the first observatory to campus from New York. The 1967 Miracle yearbook was dedicated to Pop Marshall in gratitude for his humble and willing service, especially for being the bus driver for choir tours and athletic teams. He was honored posthumously with the “Staff Member of the Year” award after his death in 1972. Marshall Hall, now part of the “The Hill” dormitory complex, was named for Pop in 1974.

Source: Barbara Loach, Cedarville University: Defining Legacies