Biblical and Theological Studies Faculty Presentations



Presentations from 2008

On Having Evidence, Shawn Graves

On Having Evidence, Shawn Graves

To Inform or to Transform, T. C. Ham

Analogous Uses of Languages in Thomas Aquinas's and Balthasar Hubmaier's Accounts of the Lord's Supper, Aaron B. James

A Fuller Account: The Role of 'Fittingness' in Thomas Aquinas' Development of the Doctrine of the Atonement, Adam J. Johnson

Hermeneutics and Creation Questions, Jason K. Lee

Interpreting the Parables of Luke, Jason K. Lee

God’s Self-limitation in Regards to His Relationship with His Creation, Michael McKay

Textual Strategies in the Use of Isaiah in Jeremiah 50-51, Randall L. McKinion

Personhood, Community, and the Postmodern Turn: Toward a Theology of Online Education, Dave Mills and Don Humphreys

The New Creation Debate and the Letter to the Ephesians, Mark D. Owens

Daniel 4:24 (Eng., 4:27) in Context, Michael B. Shepherd

Hebrews in the Apostolic Fathers: An Investigation of the Influence of Hebrews on Ignatius's Theology of Martyrdom, Carl B. Smith II

Presentations from 2007

The Law, the Mediator, and the Shema: Salvation History in Galatians 3 :20, Christopher R. Bruno

The SAT Does Not Have to Be So Time-consuming, Joy Fagan, C. Holland, and Michael W. Firmin
Psychology Faculty Presentations

Applying Bahktin to Place Names in the Hebrew Bible, Jason K. Lee

Making Sense of Matthew 17 in Reformation Commentaries, Jason K. Lee

The Dogmatic Relationship between imitatio Dei and the imago Dei in Christian Theology, Ryan S. Peterson

"Attaining God": Ministry and Martyrdom in Ignatius of Antioch, Carl B. Smith II

Jesus' Love for the Rich Man (Mark 10:21): A Disputed Response toward a Disputed Character, Joel F. Williams

Presentations from 2006


Questioning the Explanatory Power of a Thoroughly Egalitarian Social Model of the Trinity: A Case Study in Millard Erickson, Michael L. Chiavone

Educating Tomorrow's Thinkers for the Public Square, D. Scott Dixon

Comments on Kevin McCain's 'The Virtues of Epistemic Conservatism', Shawn Graves

Is God Morally Perfect?, Shawn Graves

Imagining the Lord's Supper: Real Presence and Analogous Use, Aaron B. James

The 'Tactics' of Mega-Churches: Maybe They're Not So Bad After All?, Aaron B. James

The Regula Fidei as a Guide for Biblical Preaching, Jason K. Lee

Some Observations on the Composition of Genesis 37, Randall L. McKinion

Paul, Where Did You Get This Gospel, Chris A. Miller

Of Fiction, Fatwahs, and Fundies: On Teaching Literature Incarnationally, Dave Mills

Life Skills Development System for Youth - MAX LIFE, Michael L. Parrott

Ante-Nicene imago Dei Interpretations: Theological Implications, Criteria and Direction, Ryan S. Peterson

Christ and Spirit: The Theological Foundations of Justin Martyr's Apologetic Arguments, Ryan S. Peterson

Moderate Foundationalism/Post-Foundationalism and the Doctrine of Creation, Ryan S. Peterson

Is Schleiermacher Also Among the Postmodernists? Schleiermacher's Romantic Theology and the Rejection of Modernity, Paul R. Thorsell

Presentations from 2005


Raising a Family in the City, Jeffrey S. Cook

Using Short Term Poverty Immersion Experiences as a Teaching Tool for Urban Missions, Jeffrey S. Cook

S's Total Evidence at Time T, Shawn Graves

Extreme Makeover: Exploring the Process of Spiritual Transformation, Thomas Hutchison

Intimacy in Marriage: A Theology of Sexuality, Thomas Hutchison

Real Presence, McClendon, and Hubmaier, Aaron B. James

The Distribution of Verbal Forms in Biblical Aramaic, Michael B. Shepherd

Is the Maker of Heaven and Earth the Father of Jesus? (Conference Presentation), Carl B. Smith II

Presentations from 2004

Believing Doubt and Doubting Belief: Christian Scholars Working and Succeeding in the Secular Academy, D. Scott Dixon

Comments on Brent Kyle's 'Curiously Strong Undercutters: Rethinking Projective Defeat', Shawn Graves

Is God Morally Perfect?, Shawn Graves

Divine Perhaps: An Exegetical Analysis of the Divine Use of ûlay, T. C. Ham

Presentations from 2003


The Relationship Between Trinity and Soteriology in Origen's Commentary on the Gospel of John and On First Principles, Michael L. Chiavone

Believing Doubt and Doubting Belief: Christian Scholars Working and Succeeding in the Secular Academy, D. Scott Dixon

Comments on Jason Glahn's 'Can Interactionist Dualists Accept the Zombie Argument?', Shawn Graves

Comments on Mike Cundall's 'The Non-Inferential Nature of Our Knowledge of Other Minds', Shawn Graves

Qualifications for Christian Leaders, Robert W. Milliman

The Use and Abuse of Narrative in Christian Art Criticism, Dave Mills

Divine Author and Cosmic Text in Charles Sanders Peirce's Esthetic Theism, David M. Mills

No Longer Jews: The Search for Gnostic Origins and Their Implications for Early Christian Studies, Carl B. Smith II

Presentations from 2002

New Faculty Orientation at Cedarville University: Collaboration Across Divisions, D. Scott Dixon, Chris A. Miller, and Phillip Bassett

Comments on Marco Serrano's 'DeRose on Skepticism: A Reply', Shawn Graves

Is Art a Source of Propositional Knowledge?, Shawn Graves

A Hermeneutics Refresher, Michael McKay

Living by Faith in the Gospel: A Biblical-Theological Examination of Pauline Figures of Speech, Robert W. Milliman

Presentations from 2001

Epistemic Agency, Warrant, and Social Epistemology, Shawn Graves

Reconciling Lewis and Lamarque, Shawn Graves

Leadership and Personality Styles, Thomas Hutchison

Taking the Risk, Thomas Hutchison

Understanding How Others Misunderstand You, Thomas Hutchison

Jesus' Puzzling Statement to the Syrophoencian Woman in Mark 7:27, Joel F. Williams

Presentations from 2000

The Ministry of the Spirit in the Pauline Epistles: Some Preliminary Thoughts and Proposals, Robert W. Milliman

Presentations from 1999

Codes and Catalogues: An Updated Look at Two Parenetic Forms, Robert W. Milliman

The Most Disobeyed Passage in the New Testament: An Exegetical Examination of Hebrews 10:24-25, Robert W. Milliman

Presentations from 1998

The Search for Certainty: Looking at the Epistemological Development of Evangelical Scholars, D. Scott Dixon

Motivating Adults to Become Active Participants in Sunday School: An Analysis of Perceptions of Classroom Environment (Presentation), Thomas Hutchison

The Forgotten Qualification for Missionaries: The Relationship Between the Spiritual Status of a Missionary's Children and His Status to Serve, Robert W. Milliman

Mission and Persecution in Mark's Gospel, Joel F. Williams

Presentations from 1997

The Adult Learner: Principles for the Practice of Teaching, Thomas Hutchison

The Perspicuity of General Revelation: A Comparison of Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas, Paul R. Thorsell

Presentations from 1996

Physical Intimacy: Preparing for Marriage, Thomas Hutchison

Prepare-Enrich Training Seminar, Thomas Hutchison

Understanding and Using the Prepare-Enrich Inventory, Thomas Hutchison

A Biblical and Theological Formulation of the Doctrine of Sanctification, Robert W. Milliman

The Spirit in the Present Age: Preliminary Fulfillment of the Predicted New Covenant According to Paul, Paul R. Thorsell

When Is This Over? Literary Approaches to the Ending of Mark's Gospel, Joel F. Williams

Presentations from 1994

The Pauline Gospel of the New Covenant: 2 Corinthians 3:1-4 and the Efficacy of Conversion Grace, Paul R. Thorsell

Discipleship and Minor Characters in Mark's Gospel, Joel F. Williams

Presentations from 1992

Leviticus 18:5 and Salvation by Works: How Did Paul View the Law?, Paul R. Thorsell

Presentations from 1991

Baby Boomers and the Church, Thomas Hutchison

Presentations from 209

Muslim Insider Ecclesiology: Does Muslim Insider Movement Conextualization Produce Biblically Faithful Churches or a Mere Mosquerade, Matthew A. Bennett