Submission Guidelines

Who Can Submit?

Any undergraduate student may submit an original work of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or photography to be considered for publication in the Cedarville Review. Authors retain copyrights to their works.

Where Do You Submit?

To submit, click the “Submit Work” button on the left.

How Do You Submit?

You have to create an account with Digital Commons before you can submit. The “Submit Work” button takes you to a login page where you can click the “Sign Up” button on the right side and create an account. Once you have created an account and activated it, you can login and submit your work.

What Can Be Submitted?

Submitted pieces cannot have been previously published, nor be forthcoming in an archival journal or book (print or electronic). In addition, by submitting material to the Cedarville Review, the author is stipulating that the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and that he or she will not submit the material to another journal (electronic or print) until the completion of the editorial decision process at the Cedarville Review. Please note: "Publication" in a working-paper series does not constitute as prior publication.

All work published in the Cedarville Review is selected by a staff of student and faculty editors. Selection is based upon a work's aesthetic merit within its medium. While we welcome a broad variety and treatment of subject matter, we will not consider any work that is gratuitously profane.


Submissions should be 4,000 words or less. Flash fiction should be 600 words or less. You may submit one fiction piece and up to three flash fiction pieces.


Submissions should be 4,000 words or less. Shorts should be 600 words or less. You may submit one nonfiction piece and up to three shorts.


Submissions should not exceed seven pages. You may submit up to five poems.


We accept both black-and-white and color photographs. Digital images must be large enough for print production. We recommend images be at least 1500x1500 pixels. You may submit up to five photographs.

Formatting Requirements

All written submissions should be in a Word document, single-spaced, and in a readable font. The submission should be a finished piece with minimal spelling and grammar errors.