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This essay explores the idiosyncratic nature of my personal walk. From horseback riding lessons to not-so-modest bikinis, the influences on my walk are many and varied. What's more interesting, though, is how deeply the comments and critiques from my friends impact me. I'm still realizing just how sensitive I am about the way I walk.

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I recently realized that I could truly enjoy writing. I've always planned to be a high school English teacher who encourages her students to love reading and discussing literature. Now I'll attempt to instill a love of writing as well. Home for me started in Freeland, Michigan. I love spending time with my family, my cat, my horses, and my close friends. I also can rarely turn down any theatrical opportunity that comes my way. Whether it's in a play, a movie, a book, or a side conversation, I love exploring humanity and the complexity of human experiences.


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