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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Stephen S. Gruber, Ed.D.


technology integration, professional development


Is educational technology effective in increasing student learning? If technology is an effective tool in the classroom, how can teachers best be trained to use it appropriately? An experiment was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a constructivist math class utilizing computer technology as well as other tools. The study occurred in a Christian school in Northern Kentucky using fifty-one sixth grade students. One class comprised the control group, with math instruction that differed little from the traditional background of the school. The other class was the experimental group, which used the Internet, spread sheets, word processors, and measuring devices to learn in a hands-on environment. Two math units were used in the six-week study. A one-way ANOVA test showed no significant difference in the first unit scores. The one-way ANOVA test of the second unit showed a significant difference in favor of the control group. Despite these results, the researcher was not discouraged, primarily because chi-square tests of a survey given to students in the experimental group overwhelmingly showed positive motivation in math during the study.



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