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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Timothy L. Heaton Ph.D.


interactive whiteboards


This is a mixed study on technology in the educational setting about student perceptions of interactive whiteboards (IWB) and if there are measurable effects of the IWB's on student performance. This was a within subject design with a counterbalancing of order study set in a fourth grade classroom and lasted for a period of four weeks. In keeping with a true counterbalance study one group was exposed to instruction with heavy emphasis on the use of an interactive white board. Concurrently another group was exposed to instruction of the same material through more traditional technology including an overhead projector, dry-erase board, and T.V. monitor. After a predetermined amount of time the group's roles were reversed to create measurable data. Qualitative data was gathered through a series of interviews that focused solely on the thirty-four participants' perceptions. Such perceptions that were focused on were benefits, limitations, and suggestions for improvement. The quantitative data was gathered in the form of short cycled assessments of material covered during the study.



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