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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Dr. Merlin Ager


Christian Education, Scholarships, Indiana


This qualitative thesis project was conducted under the direction of Cedarville University and with the cooperation of the Christian Academy of Madison, in Madison, Indiana. The purpose of the project was to identify and analyze changes that occurred in a private school due to a significant increase in enrollment from students that received vouchers from the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. Data was collected from third grade IREAD-3 and ISTEP+ state test scores from the previous four years. Additional data was gathered from surveys and interviews with the administration, teachers, non-voucher families and voucher families at the school. Student test scores and parent interviews were divided into three categories: only non-voucher, both non-voucher and voucher, and only voucher. Survey data gathered verified an overall high parental satisfaction with the Christian Academy of Madison. Test data showed that the addition of voucher students did not have a direct adverse effect on the overall third grade test scores, but the school's performance as a whole had room for improvement. Interview data revealed differences between voucher and non-voucher students. Suggestions were made for the Christian Academy of Madison to better assimilate new voucher students into their school while maintaining high academic standards.



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