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Stephen S. Gruber, Ph. D.

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Timothy L. Heaton, Ph.D.

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Bryan Moore, Ph.D.


dyslexia, early diagnosis, later diagnosis, dyslexia experiences, age groups, phenomenological study


This phenomenological study focuses on this research question: What types of experiences do students identified early with dyslexia have in comparison to those identified at a later stage in life? Five children and three adults ranging in age from 8-years-old to middle-age were asked to participate in this study. Each participant was interviewed about their diagnosis of dyslexia and what it is like to cope with the disorder in school and everyday life. Participants' accounts were reviewed and organized according to 11 major themes. These themes were compared and contrasted across age groups to look for similarities and differences in experiences. The results of the study indicated that dyslexia diagnosis and treatment has improved in recent years. However, progress can be made in educating others about dyslexia. Further research should be conducted to extend the generalizability of this study to a larger population with a more diverse demographic.

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