Jerry Bergman


The writer interviewed over 100 persons who were active in creation work. Most felt that the standard evolutionary paradigm of origins was inadequate and should be "balanced" with alternative positions. The creationists interviewed differed considerably on their views of origins. Many would be identified with the literal twenty-four hour day, nongap creationist position and a universal Noahian deluge. Most felt that in their academic careers they had faced religious discrimination ranging from derogatory comments to denial of tenure or an earned degree. The writer also reviewed the literature and interviewed about a dozen academic deans and department chairs in the field of science. All felt that openly holding a "scientific creationistic" world view would seriously impede an academic career. Many openly stated that they would not hire or support the candidacy of an out-of-the-closet scientific creationist for a tenured position in academia.


Creationism, academia, discrimination


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