The purpose of this paper is to explore whether undirected) randomized energy through physicochemical laws (Chaos) could make functional proteins necessary for cellular life. Both downhill and uphill work are explained. These two types of work are further explained as thermal entropy work and configurational entropy work. The four requirements for making a single functional protein of living systems are as follows: use of only left-handed amino acids, use of only peptide bonds, linking of amino acids in correct order, and prevention of other organic molecules joining the chain. Random methods (Chaos) violate all these requirements. Therefore, the correct three-dimensional structure of functional proteins cannot be developed by undirected physicochemical laws which do not perform configurational entropy work. It is clear that there needs to be an outside intelligent agent (Logos) to fulfill these requirements. An unbiased observer would have great difficulty denying the rationality of inferring from the complexity of functional proteins and a living cell the activity of a "Logos" which is the prime component of the creation model .


Creationism, functional proteins, chaos, logos


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