Field research by the authors at various times between 1982 and 1989 helped expose some of the elongate impressions imbedded in alleged 108 million year old Cretaceous ledges along the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. These human-like footprints were exposed in the same horizon with theropod dinosaur ichnites, as have prints in river itself over the decades, as reported by the local residents (I, 2).

In order to thoroughly document such significant discoveries, several excavations were initiated since the 1986 ICC proceedings in the search for pristine ichnites.

The results of these excavations plus the observable results of many previous excavations and the aspect ratio studies of many of the footprints strongly support the hypothesis that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. Furthermore, when radiocarbon dating results are combined with the paleoanthropological studies, the most logical conclusions are that: dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago is a myth; the long ages for sedimentary rock strata formation are non-existent; dinosaur extinction could have been caused by a major worldwide catastrophe happening perhaps only thousands of years ago.


Creationism, Paluxy River, footprints, Cretaceous, dinosaurs


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