We seem unable to halt ecological deterioration. It's almost as if "a curse devours the earth", Isaiah 24:6. How extensive is this curse? What are Its Implications? Is there hope?

Environmental decay confirms the Biblical model of original creation followed by a fallen world under the curse of death. This model parallels the scientific law of entropy, of Increasing disorder not Increasing order as evolutionists would argue. This paper explains the Biblical confirmation of what we observe taking place In the environment today, considers historical microcosms as well, and sets forth the biblical response to environmental difficulties.

Much of the environmental movement has adopted "ecopanthelsm" as its conceptual model for environmental problems. This paper exposes the flaws of a pantheistic explanation and points out that the Biblical/Creation model Is a better one for what we observe. Man's fundamental rebellion against God Is brought to light, hidden as It may be behind a facade of science and sophistication.


Environmental decay, entropy, ecosystem, curse of death, primitive cultures, ecopantheism, cleanliness laws, modern philosophy, stewardship


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