An initial attempt is made to systematize different areas of study in that the Canopy, the moon, the tilt of the earth 's axis, multiple ice ages, and geological history are all related and supported by Scriptures. \

It will be argued that a vapor canopy existed around the pre-Flood earth but could not have survived the long winter periods of darkness which the poles experience today. A near zero angle of inclination would insure that the Canopy would receive continuous light over the polar regions. Symmetrical air mass movements would create the atmospheric stability required to maintain the Canopy. This paper briefly summarizes the Canopy but concentrates on the biblical and scientific evidence supporting a near zero axial tilt.

Our moon revolves about the earth at an approximate 5 degree angle of inclination to the solar ecliptic. Most of the planets satellites revolve around their planet's equator suggesting that at one time the earth may have had a 5 degree axial tilt. This reduced tilt from today's 23.5 degrees would mean colder temperatures toward the poles leading to pre-Flood polar ice caps. A possible ice age may have formed as the warm oceans of Creation Day 1 cooled.

A fast pole shift (earth roll over) is a favored mechanism, by this author, for changing the earth's axis and helps explain why the Canopy COllapsed, as well as many other geological observations. It could also be responsible for destroying a perfect 360 day year where the moon kept a perfect 30 day month.

It will be argued that multiple inversions could help explain the 4500 feet of permafrost found in Yakutsk, Siberia. Calculations will show that it would take more then 50,000 years for permafrost to penetrate to this depth. It will be shown that a near zero axial tilt would decrease this time, but multiple pole inversions would deposit sediment over already frozen ground explaining the great depth ot.permafrost.


Water Vapor Canopy, Atmospheric lapse rates, Satellite Orbits, Moon Kept Perfect Month and Year, Earth's Axis of Inclination, Fast Pole Shifts, Ice Caps, Permafrost, Transient Conduction


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