Mats Molėn


Philosophical constraints concerning creationist research are briefly discussed (refuting arguments like "God of the Gaps").

Earlier creationist models of continental drift and mountain building are shortly criticized. Research performed and theories forwarded by various authors are Incorporated Into a novel model of mountain building and continental drift based on geological data, and are also compared to Biblical Interpretations.

There Is geological and Biblical evidence Indicating the former presence pf huge subterranean water-filled caverns which became filled with sediments, I.e. geosynclines. Because the water In the geosynclines was exchanged for sediments, the underlying lithosphere became Isostatically depressed and started to melt In Its lower parts. The magma formed, then rose and pushed up mountains. The tectonic movements accompanying this orogenesis may have triggered continental drift. Continents may have slid on a thixotropic crystal/magma layer at the lithosphere/ asthenosphere Interface.


Mountain building, continental drift, fountains of the great deep, thlxotrophy, earth history, philosophy


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