Tas Walker


This paper describes a geologic model based on a plain reading of the Bible. A simple diagram is presented detailing the model and graphically illustrating the concepts. Each feature of the model is labelled. The terms used are consistent with the Biblical record, are in plain language intelligible to ordinary people, and are sufficiently well defined to enable ongoing discussion and evaluation within the scientific community.

Characteristics of significance to the Biblical model have been identified with a view to classifying the rocks in the field and assisting in geologic research.

The paper proposes that the model be tested against real geological sections and eventually used to reclassify geologic reference materials, such as maps, map commentaries, field guides, and handbooks, in terms of a Biblical model. It is suggested that the model, adapted to suit the needs of the audience, be widely published to help people picture the geologic concepts arising from the Biblical account, and assist scientific research.


Bible, geology, creation science, geologic model, creationism, geologic classification


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