This paper expands the range of scientific-creationist thought to include experimental social psychology. It examines experimental research relevant to the crisiS of out-of-wedlock, teen-age pregnancy in the U.S.A. The author follows the model set forth by creationists in the physical and biological sciences who have defended the Genesis record of creation over and against the claims of Darwinist evolution. As creationists have exposed Darwinism for its philosophical bias and scientific weakness, this paper examines current approaches to the teen-pregnancy crisis showing how they reflect humanisVevolutionist philosophy rather than sound experimental science. This paper shows that many sex education activities and Initiatives, ostensibly aimed at reducing risky teen sexual activity, will increase it. The experimental social psychology research base is consistent with biblical principles of public and individual morality. Regarding the teen-pregnancy epidemic, the scientific evidence is consistent with biblical standards based on parental supervision, discipline and clear moral guidelines. Those who hope to see their children and grandchildren raised under the guidance of biblical values need to become informed in order to counter present-day trends.


Social Psychology, Teen-age Pregnancy, Attribution Ambiguity, Deindividuation, Excitation Transfer, Scientific Creationism, Social Facilitation, Social Impact


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