Dealing with heretofore unresolved questions regarding the Genesis record and the Creationist's Models there is an attempt to provide a current and coherent model of natural and biblical history. I have titled this monograph "A New Look at Genesis". The stress will be on the normative hermeneutic [37] with some special insights into Scriptural exegesis with scientific, i.e. natural history, coherency.

Created elements which are shown to be finite, complete, and everywhere present are seen to only fit a creation scenario. A system that is biologically totally interdependent is seen to demand a creation where nothing works until everything works. The biblical sequence and time limit on the creative effort is presented. The scientific evidence for the elimination of a "Big Bang" hypothesis is given, and a supernaturally stretched out universe as defined by Scripture, and fitting an inflationary scenario should provide some new insights into the starlight and time questions associated with a young universe and a six 24 hour day creation.

A pre-Flood scenario is described that fits the biblical record and correlates with the current thinking of many geologists and paleontologists. The model fits a Pangea like Gondwana/Laurasia correlation with Cush and Havileh [Gen. 2:10-13]. The model is consistent with a world wide tropical environment, and describes an atmosphere and environment which is consistent with long life, gigantism, dinosaurs, heavy flying mammals, and many other aspects of that world that perished.

In this unique study of modern science and biblical exegesis it is hoped that a coherent picture of natural history and the Genesis record will be brought forth that will spur both the creation scientist and the secular scientist to progress toward a better understanding of The Truth and the natural history of the world.


Created elements:finite-complete-omnipresent, Interdependence:nothing works until everything works, Biosphere 2, Stretching out the Universe:God's inflationary model, Mist, Circulation, Canopy, Pangea


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