John W. Cuozzo


If the ages of the Biblical patriarchs and the earliest men of Genesis are to be taken literally. there must be a way to recognize the skulls of these people. Anthropology has a rich history of longitudinal growth studies of adults. Computer assisted extrapolation of modern longitudinal adult male growth studies with lateral cephalometric radiographs has made possible the approximate visualization of such aged craniofacial remains up to 500 years of age. Comparisons have been made with a young male adult Neanderthal and two older adult Neanderthal males. all of whom are classics and lived in southwestern. France. Dental attrition and lower facial height increase have been used to demonstrate the likelihood that longer periods of time were necessary for the transition of a young into an old Neanderthal. It is concluded that the Neanderthals were the old peoples of the Bible.


Adult growth. Longevity. Neanderthal. Cephalometric. Radiographs. Growth rates. Attrition


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