Dealing with heretofore unresolved questions regarding the Genesis record and the creation model as an attempt to provide a current and coherent model of natural and biblical history, I have titled this monograph "A New Look at Genesis". The stress will be on the normative hermeneutic [65] with some special insights into Scriptural exegesis with scientific, i.e. natural history, coherency.

A Flood/Ice Epoch is described that will provide a plausible answer to the many questions regarding the so called Ice Age. The scenario is consistent with the latest creationist thinking on the stratification of the sedimentary layers, the fossil record, the carboniferous layers, and the catastrophic formation of the Grand Canyon,

The latest work in the fields of genetics and linguistics are seen to verify the event at Babel as described in Scripture. This verification will challenge our current thinking on the development of the ethnic differences in todays world.

A new look at the days of Peleg reveals some amazing information regarding the events following the Flood and will solve many questions regarding continental shift, mountain building and biographic distribution after the flood.

In this unique study of modern science and biblical exegesis it is hoped that a coherent picture of natural history and the Genesis record will be brought forth that will spur both the creation scientist and the secular scientist to progress toward a better understanding of The Truth and the natural history of the world.


Flood/Ice Epoch, Supernatural change of the Nations & Language, Pangea, Peleg, Days the Earth was divided, Biogeographical distribution


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