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It has been claimed by some in creationist circles that modern physics is derived from a priori atheistic reductionistic presuppositions. On the contrary, it is claimed in this paper that it is possible to construct a Christian theistic interpretation of the experimental facts which is consistent with the Biblical doctrines of man, creation, revelation, and God. This reconciliation is derived by the correct method which subordinates "scientific" interpretation to the authority of special revelation. It is also demonstrated that some of the presuppositions and arguments of creationists against theories such as quantum mechanics and relativity actually exhibit anti-theistic philosophies (Thomism and Arminianism) or fundamental misunderstandings of these theories. A Christian theistic view of the phenomena and theories of moderr physics is presented.


Apologetics, Christian Theism, Presuppositionalism, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Quantum Mechanics, Probability, Bell's Theorem


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