Much research has taken place in recent years by both geologists and astronomers regarding impacts on Earth. This research has been motivated by the search for evidence to substantiate the hypothesis that an impact of a 10 Km diameter object 65 million years ago caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Creationists have generally considered Noah's Flood and its aftermath an adequate explanation of the extinction of the dinosaurs, but this does not address the physical evidence of impacts on Earth. This paper points out the geological and physical evidence of impacts and treats Earth impacts as an aspect of God's judgement during the world-wide Flood event. It is suggested that impacts began with the onset of the Flood and continued during and after the Flood year. Solar system evidence suggests a catastrophic event which caused a heavy influx of dust and meteorites in a short time. A companion paper "Geophysical Effects of impacts During the Genesis Flood" addresses climatic and other effects from an impact bombardment event and suggests that such an event would be survivable for Noah in the Ark.


Impacts, Flood, cratering, astroblemes, solar system, catastrophe, extinctions


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