In this paper I first discuss the spiral shape that is commonly found in nature. I then relate how the Fibonacci numbers and the divine ratio are an inherent part not only of this spiral shape, but also of other phenomena in nature. We then take a short look at the historical origin of the Fibonacci numbers. We then observe that the divine ratio, the golden rectangle, and Fibonacci numbers make their appearance in many areas of life such as art, music, architecture, the human body, items used in normal life, and so forth. These factors are then considered in the structure, design, and function of plants. The evolutionary explanation for their origin and prevalence in nature is discussed. A comparison is then made between the small world of atoms and the solar system. Lastly I discuss how this information serves as yet another proof for scientific creation is discussed.


Fibonacci Numbers, Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio, Phi, Golden Spiral, Golden Angle


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