Mark Matthews


Three lines of cosmological evidence which indicate that earth is at, or very near, the center of the universe, are surveyed: (1) The apparent, linear arrangement of some galaxies, which on a large scale vaguely resembles a 3-D spoked-wheel with the galaxies in linear spoke-like arrays pointing towards the earth at the hub. These "spokes" have been known since the 1970s (but not talked much about) and have been given the intriguing name "fingers of God" by the astronomical community. (2) The linear arrangement of gamma ray bursts and galaxies such that, again, there is a linear alignment with Earth at the hub. (3) The large-scale patterns embedded in the cosmic microwave background radiation which are correlated with the orientation of the earth, and with the earth-sun orbital plane. Some non-earth-centered interpretations of these observations are critiqued.


Cosmology, Fingers of God, Gamma ray burst (GRB), Cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation


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