For young age creationists Scripture gives guidelines that give some direction for dealing with the scientific evidence. Yet, because of the many details Scripture does not address and the limits of the scientific data available, there is room for more than one interpretation of many details regarding the history of objects in the solar system. Some general guidelines are mentioned based on the Genesis creation account and these are applied to the specific case of our moon. Impact cratering as well as volcanism on the moon is discussed, with the author’s approach to cratering compared to the views of Faulkner. It is argued that crater size-frequency statistics suggest that Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Mercury were all struck by a similar population of objects. The impacts on the moon are interpreted as resulting from one extended event that coincided with the Flood and continued into the post-Flood period. The planetary magnetic field model of Humphreys is applied to date the Imbrium impact on the moon at approximately 1,840 years after creation. Humphreys magnetic dipole moment figures for the moon are found to also be plausible for explaining lunar swirl features on a young moon.


Genesis, Creation, Cratering, Lunar volcanism, Radioactive decay, Ghost craters, Cryptomare


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