A finite dimensional model for the electron and proton has been used to compute nuclear properties such as: structure, binding energies, energies and rates of decay of radioactive isotopes.

Computations were conducted within the frame of classical electromagnetic interactions between toroidal electrons and protons of finite, fixed dimensions. Positions and orientations of each particle were allowed to vary using the variational method, until the minimum energy configuration was attained.

Nucleon shell structures were found to build from outer levels toward inner ones, with occupancies following the magic numbers so well known in nuclear physics. Neutrons were found to be formed via toroidal protons binding electronically and magnetically within toroidal electrons, which are significantly larger than the former.

Details are presented for 40K as a model test case. Additional results are provided for several select radio nuclides having a diversity of nuclear structures. These calculations, although admittedly of questionable accuracy, do none the less appear to yield results which are in some 90% agreement with the experimental values, over the very limited number of examples tested.


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