If the Genesis Flood was a catastrophic event that induced large scale wind driven waves, then the ark that carried Noah and his family needed to be very stable upon large, sometimes random loads. This particular study has several research components that give greater insight into the structural dynamic stability of the ark: (1) a combined numerical-experimental modal analysis on a 1/200th scale ark structure quantifying the first three fundamental resonance frequencies and associated mode shapes: 528 Hz in pitch bending, 800 Hz in yaw bending, and 1000 Hz in torsion; (2) a computational modal analysis that links the 1/200th scale ark structure with the full scale structure of Noah’s Ark showing that the first fundamental frequency ranges from 1–4.5 Hz below the range of human resonances that typically range between 5–10 Hz; and (3) a 1/200th scale ark experimental study on turbulent, random loads with waves that scaled as high as 500 ft (152 m) showing that Noah’s Ark would be stable even under these extreme loads. This combined computational-experimental study clearly shows the stability of the ark under extremely large scale, deleterious conditions.


Natural frequency, Dynamic analysis, Vibration, Stability, Finite element analysis, Noah’s Ark, Resonance


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