Creationists and evolutionists radically differ in their proposed natural history, with creationists looking to sudden origins at creation and the Fall and to catastrophes at the Flood and Babel to explain features of the living world. Over the past decade creationists have made important advances in understanding this unique, biological natural history. The emerging model proposes the existence of created kinds, phylogenetically – and possibly morphologically – discontinuous from other created kinds. Within these created kinds, species developed very rapidly after the Flood, possibly by a mechanism of directed mutations involving transposable elements. The development of natural evil, while partially explicable by degeneration, is now understood to be a designed part of God’s curse on creation. Though a full understanding of design has not been achieved, creationists have expanded our understanding of God’s original plan for the organisms that occupy His creation.


Creationism, natural history, speciation, created kind, baraminology, natural evil, systematics, biogeography


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