We present a catastrophic as well as creation scenario that is painted with a broad stroke to explain much of the present topography of the planet Mars. By analogy, we propose that Mars is an analog of an extreme desert. This is the Mars Desert Hypothesis. I propose that there is a history of volcanic eruptions producing rain, flash floods, and volcanic flows which created a terraformed Mars complete with streams and lakes and possibly shallow oceans. Because of the low gravity of Mars, due to its mass, which is about 10% of the Earths, this ‘wet season’ is followed by evaporation and sublimation of water and other light gasses which largely escape the planet’s surface. I also propose that the accelerated radioisotope decay occurring during the RATE episodes, perhaps during the flood on the Earth and/or creation week, creating hot spot volcanism on Mars which resulted in the terraforming of Mars–The Mars-Rate Connection. These proposals are followed by geological evidence observed on the surface of Mars for each.


Creationism, Mars, water, desert, hypothesis


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