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Jon Albert is currently the Executive Director of Canyon Ministries. He received a B.S. in Bible and Ministry from Northwestern University in St. Paul, MN. He also received his M.TH. from the same university. Jon has served as an associate pastor and a senior pastor. He has also worked in education administration both in the public and private arena. Jon has been a commercial wilderness guide since 1992. He and his wife founded an outdoor adventure creation ministry called, Gloryview in 1999. Jon has been developing (including curriculum writing) and leading outdoor adventure creation education for 25 years.


Outdoor creation education is critical for encouraging and equipping the saints. A well-organized wilderness classroom opens the eyes of the learner in a unique and inspiring way. The learner gains the heart to love God and others more deeply. The learner also develops the skills necessary to impact others with humble confidence. There are many opportunities right outside our doors to help others engage the wonder of God’s creation. With the proper structure, outdoor creation education empowers the teacher and the learner in profound ways, oftentimes unachievable within the traditional classroom.


Education | Educational Methods


Creation, education, relational, outdoor, stewardship, connection





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