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Wayne Spencer has a Master’s degree in Physics from Wichita State University in Wichita, KS. Wayne is a former science teacher and is now works for a software company in Dallas, TX. Wayne has published technical articles in various creation publications, such as the Journal of Creation and the Creation Research Society Quarterly. Creation subjects addressed primarily relate to impact cratering, planet formation, the age of our solar system, and extrasolar planets. Wayne maintains the creationanswers.net website.


Two new models to explain the origin and history of our solar system are reviewed from a creation perspective, the Grand Tack model and the Nice model. These new theories propose that the four outer planets formed closer to the Sun, as well as closer together, than today. Then their orbits underwent periods of migration. Theories developed in the research on extrasolar planet systems are today being applied to our own solar system. The new migration models are finding much support from the planetary science community. These new models are summarized and evaluated Biblically and scientifically. Rather than demonstrating how our solar system formed, the new migration models can be understood as supporting the intelligent design of our solar system.


Astrophysics and Astronomy | The Sun and the Solar System


Solar system, migration, Grand Tack, Nice Model, planets




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