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Don Stenberg, Jr. earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering at Dordt College in 2004 and his M.Div. at Cornerstone Seminary in 2012. He has been closely following developments in creation science for over 20 years. He currently lives in Missouri with his wife and eight children and works from home as an Information Services Manager.

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When we look throughout the solar system, we see evidence for accelerated radioactive decay such as fission tracks and isotope ratios. We also see the major effects of that decay heat, including the thermal expansion of planets and moons, massive lava flows, volcanic activity associated with craters, and more. These findings challenge that conventional impact theory of crater formation, and instead suggest that the creation scientists of the 1600s to 1800s were correct that the majority of craters were probably formed by immense explosions. We can now infer the energy source to be accelerated nuclear decay. If this decay heat produced massive geological change throughout the solar system, then we should find evidence of the same large single pulse of heat on Earth, and indeed we do. It also implies that the Earth has experienced thermal expansion, that the permanent magnet iron cores of the rocky planets and moons heated beyond the Curie temperature during the Flood, and that the resulting induced electrical currents have been decaying ever since. It implies that the entire present crust of the Earth was chemically extracted from the mantle during accelerated decay, which finally provides a mechanism to raise the continents at the end of the Flood, as well as a mechanism to lower the pre-Flood continents into the waters of the ocean, flooding them entirely. This all implies that the sedimentary rock found in the Precambrian layers was all formed during the Flood, and that the fossils of land creatures we find are of creatures that survived a portion of the Flood living on floating log mats or floating forests that later became coal, once they landed on the emerging continents. It further implies that the Great Unconformity was formed sometime in the middle of the Flood, and that the Phanerozoic mega sequences that we see were laid down as the continents rose up and emerged from the Flood waters which allowed for the preservation of those fossils. In sum, our understanding of accelerated radioactive decay and its effect throughout the solar system was the key needed to unlock the mystery of the mechanisms that caused the Flood on Earth.


Astrophysics and Astronomy


Accelerated radioactive decay, solar system, Mars, moon, thermal expansion cracks, craters, maria, Tharsis volcanoes




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