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Trevor Holt has a Science degree from the University of New South Wales. He taught for 25 years and did signs till 2019.He has been a Bible believing Christian for 50 years, had many years of speaking, teaching and researching areas of science, history and religion. He believes Creation Science based on the Bible can ultimately explain everything This has led him to find answers for observable phenomena throughout the Solar System, from a background of a 6000 year old universe created by Jesus Christ. He has developed an impact model for the Solar System for the time of Noah.

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Introduction. The year 2020 saw the arrival into the Solar System of four comets which have their closest approach to the Sun all within thirty eight days. These comets are:C/2020 F3 Neowise, perihelion 0.296 AU 2020 July 03, C/2020 F8 Swan, perihelion 0.430 AU 2020 May 27, C/2019 Y4 Atlas, perihelion 0.253 AU 2020 May 31 and C/2019 U6 Lemmon, perihelion 0.914 2020 June 18.This gives support to the reliability of the Genesis record of the global flood and the chronology given in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. A paper was presented by the author at the 2013 International Creationist Conference entitled, “A Model Explaining the Catastrophic Effects of a Wave of Ice Bodies Passing Through the Solar System to Bring Water to Earth at the Time of Noah’s Flood.” explaining an impact model of ice bodies moving through the Solar System, some to impact Earth and others moving back out of the Solar System. Ice bodies impacted every terrestrial body leaving craters, water ice and short term flowing water on various bodies, including Mars, and explained rings around many planets, ultimately delivering water to cover earth.. With the appearance of these four comets the paper can be updated to using elliptical orbits and a velocity of 7.470 km/s at 30 au. Method. From the genealogy of Jesus Christ a comet having a period of 4323 years, as at 2020, can have an elliptical orbit with a semi major axis of 265 astronomical units, and a calculated velocity of 7,470 km/s at 30 au. The details of the four comets compared to this orbit were found to have a velocity of 7,470 km/s at an average distance of 30.5 au. Considering the uncertainty of the periods given by the secular community, their details were compared to the Biblical based period. Conclusion. They are first time returning ice bodies left over from the global flood of Noah’s day, This substantiates the reliability of the Impact Model as presented by the author. including the reliability of the 4323 year period, the genealogy of Jesus Christ and the biblical record of the global flood.


Astrophysics and Astronomy


Comets, ice bodies, Noah’s Flood, Neowise, Swan, Atlas, Lemmon




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