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David Winsberg, PE has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Florida. His Master’s degree focused on hydrology, hydraulics, ground water flow, water quality, and environmental impacts.

He has been licensed to practice engineering in Florida (registered Professional Engineer) since 2008. Mr. Winsberg lives in North Central Florida, and has been doing engineering work since 2003. His work experience includes site planning & layout, zoning issues, and design of stormwater retention basins. He previously worked on 100 year flood calculations for FEMA’s flood insurance maps.

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This abstract provides a multi-faceted solution method to the “Heat Problem after the Genesis Flood” which is defined as follows:

Most models of CPT require that large amounts of hot crustal material would be spread across the ocean floor during the flood, especially the Atlantic ocean. This would release so much heat as to possibly boil the oceans. Because of this problem, the genesis flood didn’t happen, and thus the bible is wrong and evolution is right.

It is argued that long amounts of time are required to transfer any significant portion of this heat, and it is proposed that this heat remained trapped under the seafloor for hundreds of years after the flood ended. Most of the extra heat was eventually dissipated via (the very slow process of) radiation from the upper atmosphere. Since crustal material is not in thermal contact with the upper atmosphere, an analysis of the methods of heat transfer is needed.

Under the circumstances resulting from CPT, it is demonstrated that hydrothermal groundwater convection beneath the seafloor is the limiting heat transfer method. The other two possible mechanisms to transfer heat across the seafloor (thermal conduction and magma convection) are also discussed, calculated, evaluated, and ultimately dismissed. Also dismissed is the idea that miracles were involved in removing this extra heat, and it is explained why the use of miracles in this situation is unnecessary and also theologically problematic.

Although hydrothermal convection via groundwater flow is the main focus of the abstract, it simply brings thermal energy across the seafloor. It must then be transferred to the upper atmosphere by Earth’s weather. The climate impacts of this new heat source are not discussed here.




Groundwater flow, heat problem, thermal conductivity




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