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Samuel (Jim) Smithers, Born: Ankara Turkey, Langley High School, Virginia 1976, Virginia Tech 1980 B.S., Naval Post Graduate School 1994, US Navy 26 years, Naval Aviator and Program/Finance. Post USN, served 14years in the Office Secretary of Defense (Research & Engineering) (Pentagon). Current: “Retired.” Jim & Gina have three sons and two grandchildren

Trevor Specht: Born: Conneaut Ohio, Conneaut High School 1985, UNC 1993 Reactor Physics, PSU 2002 EE & Physics, US Navy 6 years– Reactor Plant Operator on submarines, Wilmington NC 7 years - Reactor operator at BNP, Gaithersburg MD 1 year- Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Current: Navy Research Lab- Spacecraft power systems. Trevor and Gayle have three sons.

Erick Smith, Born: Knoxville, Tennessee, Farragut High School 2002, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2006: B.S. mathematics (honors) and physics, summa cum laude, North Carolina State University 2009: M.S. applied mathematics, North Carolina State University 2013: PhD applied mathematics, Current: Naval Research Lab - Radar Division. Erick and Yanni have one son.

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Introduction (Background): This paper continues the discussion on whether the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) or the Greek Septuagint (LXX) more accurately preserves the original chronology of the patriarchs. For context, the LXX indicates we are approximately 7,500 years Anno Mundi (year after creation or AM) while the MT indicates we are approximately 6,000 years AM. This paper focuses on post flood chronology (Noah to Moses) due to the opportunity to use the concept of biological decay curves and statistical comparison. Additional chronologies or historical data points are provided for additional insight.

Methods: Assuming the concept of a genetic biological decay curve in the post flood chronology (length of patriarch’s life) is legitimate, both the MT and LXX chronologies are used with Microsoft Excel curve fitting to data function to generate power curves that best fit their respective data. A statistical approach using the R-squared coefficient of determination (a confidence measure of data to curve) for both the MT and LXX should provide an indication which text more accurately captures the concept of post flood biological genetic decay and hence which text more accurately preserves the original chronology. This indication may also be supported by Benford’s law of anomalous numbers, and visual comparison to provide additional context on the legitimacy of the R-squared comparative results. Macro comparison of chronologies alluded to in various other text and flood stories (preferably separate from Greek and Hebrew influence) are examined for additional insight providing they cluster around LXX or MT chronological data points.

Results: The R-Squared comparison shows that the MT curve has a 7% higher confidence measure of data to curve as compared to the LXX. Visual inspection of the curves identifies anomalous deltas (LXX vs MT lifespan) consistent with a lower R-square confidence measure. Macro comparison of chronologies from various other historical texts does show a clustering of chronology data points that inclines toward the MT.

Conclusions: The statistical comparison and analysis suggest that the Masoretic Text may contain the more accurate preservation of the original chronology of the patriarchs. Examination of others chronologies supports the statistical results.


Biblical Studies


Chronology, genetics, historical, statistical




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