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After graduating from Grove City College in 2005, David worked for Booz Allen Hamilton consulting firm and then served in federal capacity with the Secretary of Defense and Defense Intelligence Agency. in Washington D.C. He is working on a book that explores the history of the Church, and he has interest in the ancient historical timeline modified according to Scriptural testimony.

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The Torah records the origin of man down to the Exodus but is assumed to silently pass over the critical period between the Tower of Babel and Abraham. This period spans approximately 700 years according to the Greek translation of the Torah. This “dark age” period, therefore, contains a gap where the people of the earth would have spread out to inhabit the world as the Scriptures indicate. It has been an open question whether the knowledge of the one true God would have been handed from generation to generation during this period down to Abraham, or if a sudden awakening occurred with this patriarch as certain apocryphal books maintain. I argue knowledge of God was handed down unbroken and that this pre-Abrahamic period is actually the period of Job. The LXX (Septuagint/Greek translation of the Old Testament) will feature prominently in demonstrating the Scriptures have not left out this critical transition period. Reference will also be made to contemporary civilizations and languages springing up during this time. Comparison between Masoretic and LXX will be respectfully considered with arguments in favor of the LXX segment of the Torah preserving the more accurate timeline for this period. Arguments in favor of later dates of Job will be considered and refutation made.

Referencing Patriarch life-span ages presented in the Book of Genesis in comparison with ages given in other Scripture allows the period of Job to be fixed more accurately than previously assumed. New dating research of past and recent archeological and geological discoveries in Peru will be cross-referenced to provide support for extended ages of man coinciding with the period. Comparative Near Eastern samples of writing will be considered and referenced to support the early date of Job. Recent discoveries of metallurgy and carbon dating will also be weighed and used to support the early date. Ice Age scholarship from both uniformitarian and catastrophic perspectives will be briefly referenced to support the thesis. At the conclusion it will be shown that the mysterious dark age gap period actually has prominent testimony with Job. Finally the author will reveal his precise date Job lived.


Biblical Studies


Job, LXX, timeline, Peru, Ice, Age, Ancient, carbon, gap




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