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Elizabeth Sultan is an undergraduate at Cedarville University with majors in Geology and Environmental Science.

Dr. Gollmer is a Senior Professor of Physics at Cedarville University. He holds a PhD in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University. His research interests include analysis of satellite imagery and climate modeling. He teaches an honors course comparing different worldviews as they relate to questions of physical, biological, and human origins.

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Ice ages are believed to have occurred at least 5 times in the past, with each glacial period lasting tens of thousands of years and interglacial periods lasting up to 400,000 years. It is hypothesized, however, that the Genesis Flood would have provided the conditions necessary to trigger an ice age within a few hundred years, that could account for the glacial deposits we find worldwide. This research project compared the output data from a 360-year ModelE2.1.2 run of an ice age simulation, to the geologic record of the last glacial maximum (LGM). The simulation was inputted with conditions based on Michael Oard’s proposed model for the flood causing the ice age.




Ice Age, Global Flood, Last Glacial Maximum




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