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Trevor Holt has a Science degree from the University of New South Wales. He taught for 25 years and did signs till 2019.He has been a Bible believing Christian for 50 years, had many years of speaking, teaching and researching areas of science, history and religion. He believes Creation Science based on the Bible can ultimately explain everything This has led him to find answers for observable phenomena throughout the Solar System, from a background of a 6000 year old universe created by Jesus Christ. He has developed an impact model for the Solar System for the time of Noah.

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The Biblical Creationist movement has been scant in attempts to explain features throughout the Solar System such as craters, water ice and other ices, possible flowing water, icy satellites, planet rings, and the asteroids and comets. It has been assumed that much of this was part of the initial Creation. I maintain that the initial Creation was considered “very good” and would not have included destructive items and hence would not show the results of impacts. A model has been developed which can explain all these features being caused by impacts over a short time period The Biblical foundations are based on a sub model of the first four days of the Creation week and the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ. A key idea has to do with the “waters above the firmament” and this model incorporates this water as being the origin of the ice bodies which began their journey as a wave 120 years prior to it raining on earth which commenced in the 600th year on the 17th day of the 2nd month of Noah’s life. Based on this, a series of trajectories can be constructed and drawn to scale using simple equations. Using the genealogy as a basis for the timing of the flood, an elliptical orbit with a period of 4323 years, as at 2020 can be derived. The features of this orbit can be ascertained. Some observed comet trajectories which have come into the Solar System can be compared to this sample to test the hypothesis. The fact that the wave came through the Solar System over a 40 day period and from looking at the positions of the planets at the flood time all the features of the Solar System mentioned above can be explained


Astrophysics and Astronomy


Craters, comets, water ice, icy satellites, planet rings, asteroids




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