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Leo (Jake) Hebert, III

Institute for Creation Research

1806 Royal Lane

Dallas, TX 75229

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Leo (Jake) Hebert, III earned a B.S. from Lamar University, an M.S. from Texas A&M University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas (all in physics). His Ph.D. work involved cutting-edge research on a possible connection between cosmic rays, solar activity, and weather and climate. He has had a strong interest in creationism since he was a teenager. He is now a research scientist at the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, TX, where he has been employed since 2011.

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I am proposing a poster that summarizes the last decade of paleoclimate research conducted at the Institute for Creation Research, and the ways this research has strengthened the case for the Flood-Ice Age model. The poster also discusses two research projects that I have started but as yet have not been able to finish. Here is the poster abstract:

In 1990 the Institute for Creation Research published Michael Oard’s monograph An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, which showed that warm post-Flood oceans and residual post-Flood volcanism provide the necessary conditions for an Ice Age. ICR then published additional paleoclimate work, including computer simulations by Drs. Larry Vardiman and Wes Brewer confirming that much warmer oceans can greatly increase snowfall. Within the last decade, ICR has done much to expand on this pioneering research. A serious problem with evidence for the dominant uniformitarian ice age theory was revealed, with enormous implications for uniformitarian dating methods, as well as for the “global warming” debate. Ice Age fossil tree pollen indicates that thick Ice Age forests were much rarer than at present, consistent with the total destruction of all the world’s trees during the Flood. Tephra layers in deep Antarctic ice cores provide strong evidence that uniformitarian age assignments are greatly inflated. Creationist modeling of ice sheets has also been greatly improved. Additional possible future improvements in creationist ice sheet modelling are also discussed.




Ice Age, ice sheet, computer models, Flood-Ice Age model




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