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John is a retired engineer with a BSEE (High Honors) in Electronic Engineering with Computer Engineering emphasis. John's career focused on digital semiconductor design of integrated circuits (IC's) and also the software design technology used in their development. John advanced the state-of-the-art with several design teams. Later years he was focused on team leadership. Understanding the effort that goes into making IC's with billions of transistors that have to operate properly brings an appreciation of the design complexity behind all creation not the least of which is our biological systems and genomes.

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In the last 20 to 30 years two things have come together to create a huge opportunity in the creation/Intelligent Design (ID) movements:

  • [input 1] The first is the tremendous volume of scientific knowledge ranging from genomics/biology, earth sciences (i.e. geophysics, geology…), and astronomy/cosmos.
  • [input 2] The second item intersecting with the first is pervasive computing capability that was hardly dreamed of 30 years ago.
  • [result] A gap which represents a huge opportunity for creation research, is the need for a much wider application of engineering resources to creation science research in the forms of simulations, numerical analysis and similar applications of computing.

The Mission of CREA (if that’s the final name chosen) would be to identify a selection its engineers (& similar) that can donate part time (or more time if retired) to the creation science research projects that best match their abilities and interests. The Creation Scientists/Intelligent Design Researchers would be the experts in their Domain of research and also may have PhD students working with them as well as partners in the research project. The CREA engineers’ mission will be to help support and enable more projects or faster research progress.

The Association will enable two things: 1) a higher level of scientific research will be accomplished at no additional cost (many engineers are adept at working remotely) and 2) employed or retired engineers (who already ‘see design’) to participate in the creation/ID revolution and potentially at some point in the future drive their own research projects. It’s a good time for creation science/Intelligent Design research – let’s enable our engineers to participate!




engineered, designed, creation research, simulation analysis




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