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Clotilde Perrin takes a look at the same point in time at different parts of the world in this unorthodoxly-structured book. The reader travels from one time zone to the next, seeing a snapshot of life from different perspectives. At the end of the book, Perrin provides an explanation of time zones and time keeping around the world, along with a map that puts the time zones into perspective. The book has no plot, but it is useful for introducing young children to the concept of time. The illustrations are vivid and imaginative, and they compensate for the lack of plot. Additionally, Perrin attempts to show that people are inherently similar in their daily lives despite time and distance. This book would be most useful as a teaching aid. Recommended Allison Jensen, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>At The Same Moment, Around The World</em> by Clotilde Perrin

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