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Mr. Goat reads that Valentine’s Day is today and quickly leaves his house in search of the perfect gift for his ‘first love’. He rushes to the marketplace to pick up the best goat treats like weeds and rotten eggs money can buy. Along the way he realizes he needs to serenade his ‘first love’ with a song, and quickly comes up with the lyrics. He finally reaches his ‘first love’s’ house and serenades with the new song. The door suddenly opens and we find out Mr. Goat’s ‘first love’ was his mother. The story takes you on a mystery to try to figure out who Mr. Goat’s first love is. By the end of the book you feel a little disappointed yet are left with warm fuzzy feelings that his mother was his ‘first love’. This book is recommended for young readers who like goofy tales about love and goats.

Recommended. Jordan Oldham, Cedarville University, Centennial Library Intern



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<em>Mr. Goat's Valentine</em> by Eve Bunting

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