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In an exquisitely beautiful underwater paradise, Whale swims peacefully along, singing his song of happiness, hope, magic, and wonder. As he glides past, he touches the lives of the sea creatures around him, immersing them in the wonder of his song. However, all alone, Whale’s song sounds sad to his own ears. He sends out a sigh that flits through the sea until it catches the ear of another. The Heart of a Whale is a gorgeously illustrated book. The vivid, watercolor images of life hidden beneath the surface of the wild, blue ocean are ideal to capture the imagination of a child looking out onto the majesty of nature. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, this book is also thoughtful. Though the intrinsic beauty of the natural world surrounds him, Whale interacts with other communities whilst longing for a personal connection of his own. This book teaches an important lesson about the power of community and of love. Through its exquisite illustrations, it teaches that there is a deep beauty in friendship that magnifies the beauty of the outer world. Recommended Katie Korwan, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio.



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Review of <em>The Heart of a Whale</em> by Anna Pignataro

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