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Children's literature, reviews, fire, survival, friendship


In a world where people must search for fire, a family loses theirs. With Winter setting in, the family desperately needs fire’s warmth. A young boy in the family sets out to find fire. Along the way, he encounters saber tooth tigers, injures his ankle, and rescues an animal who becomes his friend. The companions continue the journey together, and when they see a lightning strike, they find fire. They take it back to the boy’s family, and the animal remains with the boy. Finding Fire relies on the illustrations to tell the story—the only words Kline writes appear at the beginning. Kline’s stunning illustrations capture the quest, the boy’s bravery, and his new friendship well. Children accustomed to hearing their parents or teachers read aloud might find this book challenging. However, teachers and librarians could show slightly older children the illustrations and ask them what they think is happening in each picture.

Recommended Rachel Crane, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Finding Fire</em> by Logan S. Kline

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