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The Sport Journal




July 23, 2015

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The lessons learned from recent combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown operational commanders that the military fitness tests currently used by the different services are inadequate in terms of assessing the physical fitness required for combat. Currently, only the U.S. Marine Corps employs a combat specific fitness test; although the U.S. Army and Air Force have recognized the need and rationale for one as well. Unfortunately, the U.S. Navy continues to lag behind the other services in terms of modernizing its physical fitness training and testing programs. The purpose of this article is four-fold: 1) justify the need for service-specific combat fitness tests, 2) discuss past and current examples service-specific combat fitness tests, 3) introduce a revised general fitness test intended to replace the current Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT), and 4) propose an operational fitness test that could be adopted and employed by the U.S. Navy.


Physical fitness, fitness tests, fitness assessments, combat readiness, operational readiness, Combat Fitness Test, Physical Readiness Test


The PDF of this article is reproduced here with permission from the United States Sport's Academy's The Sport Journal. Originally published July 23, 2015, the article may be viewed here.



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