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Journal of Sports Injuries and Medicine





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DOI: 10.29011/ JSIMD-115. 100015


The current Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) allows for several alternative methods, in lieu of the 1.5-mile run, with which to assess aerobic fitness. Two of these methods (elliptical trainer and stationary bike) and two additional devices (2-Km rower and 5-Km bike) were evaluated to determine if maximal effort on all devices produced the same performance category as the 1.5-mile run. One hundred thirty-two active-duty military and midshipmen were recruited from the United States Naval Academy and Naval Support Activity Annapolis. Subjects participated in six testing sessions over a six-week period. Subjects performed a 1.5-mile run (n = 118), 12-minute elliptical trainer test (n = 108), 12-minute stationary bike test (n = 115), 2-Km rower test (n = 115), and 5-Km bike test (n = 114). Each performance category attained from the alternate aerobic test device was compared to the performance category attained for the 1.5-mile run. None of the aerobic testing devices performance categories matched well to the 1.5-mile run. The results of the testing sessions support the mandated use of the 1.5-mile run as the sole method of assessing aerobic fitness. Additionally, if an alternate method must be used, the 12-minute stationary bike test using the revised Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) performance categories might be the best option because it has the largest number of performance matching categories. Finally, the results do not support the use of the 12-minute elliptical test, as an authorized alternative, due to its minimal number of matching categories.


Navy, physical, readiness



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