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Finding a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking has been a topic of interest to health physicians and smokers for many years. Vaping is an increasingly popular smoking alternative that claims to be the healthier alternative that people have been looking for. However, little research has been done on the topic of non-nicotine vaping. This study examines the acute effects of non-nicotine vaping on predicted VO2 max, blood pressure, heart rate, and lung volume. The study will be conducted through a series of 5 days which includes a paperwork day. Willing participants will run the Cooper’s Mile and a ½ Test, and vape while having bodily measures taken throughout the study. This study aims to find a better understanding of vaping and the effects it has on the human body.


Acute effects, non-nicotine, vaping, Vo2max, blood pressure, heart rate, smoking


Dr. April Crommett

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