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Heritage language maintenance, adoptive families, parental motivation


The purpose of this study has been to discover more about influences on adoptive parents’ decisions regarding heritage language maintenance/learning for their older, internationally-adopted children. While there is much literature available on heritage language learning/maintenance (see Geerlings et al., 2015; Hornberger & Wang, 2008; McGinnis, 2008; Mu, 2016) and also on intercultural navigation in transnational adoptive families (see Bebiroglu & Pinderhighes, 2012; Lee, 2003), the blending of the two (heritage language in these adoptive families) does not seem to be as well studied – a gap this present study attempts to address. The population specifically addressed in this study is parents who have adopted a child(ren) internationally from a culture where English is not a native language and where the child(ren) have spent their formative years (approximately birth-5 years) speaking primarily the native language of that culture. Findings from this case study propose that, according to international adoptive parents’ self-projected perspectives, their decisions regarding heritage language maintenance for their older, adopted child are more affected by external factors than their own internal motivations or ideologies.

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