Nursing Faculty Publications



Publications from 2022


Pursuing Advanced Practice: Inspiring Graduate Education, Kim Higginbotham


A Group Telehealth Intervention for Rural Perinatal Depression and Anxiety: A Pilot Study, Gwen Latendresse, Ryoko Pentecost, Eli Iacob, Sara Simonsen, Marcia R. Williams, Nancy Thompson, and Carol Hogue


Preparing Nurses for Continued Kingdom Impact, Angelia Mickle

Publications from 2021


Perceived Parameters of Christian Pharmacy Students’ Faith‑Sharing in Clinical Settings, Felisha L. Younkin, Michael W. Firmin, Rachel Parrill, Alexis D. Smith Ms., Zachary J. Krauss, and Theresa M. Jones
Psychology Faculty Publications

Publications from 2020


The Self-Management Experiences of Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: A Descriptive Phenomenology Study., Li-Chen Hung, Chu-Yu Huang, Fu-Sung Lo, and Su-Fen Cheng


Integration of the Saline Process on Holistic Patient Care to Improve Student Understanding of Interprofessional Team Roles, Values, and Ethics, Emily Laswell, Emily Wicker, Carrie N. Keib, Felisha L. Younkin, Elizabeth A. Sled, Kristi L. Coe, Suzanne Lefever, and Aleda Chen

Precariously Unsecured Intraosseous Needle, Scott Long

Publications from 2019

Case Study, Angelia Mickle and Kristi L. Coe


Evaluation of Possible Anthropometric Advantage in Sit-Up Test, David D. Peterson, Meighan Middleton, and Sharon K. Christman

Publications from 2018


Establishing the Competences of Clinical Reasoning for Nursing Students in Taiwan: From the Nurse Educators' Perspectives, Hui-Man Huang, Chu-Yu Huang, Jane Lee-Hsieh, and Su-Fen Chang

Differences in Perceptions of Incivility Among Disciplines in Higher Education, Rebecca S. Wagner, Cindra Holland, Rosalie Mainous, William Matcham, Gengxin Li, and Jessica Luiken


Development of an 18-item Abbreviated Chinese Version of Berger's HIV Stigma Scale, Chia-Hui Yu, Chu-Yu Huang, Yuan-Ti Lee, and Su-Fen Cheng

Publications from 2017

Understanding Spiritual Care: The Faith-Hope-Love Model of Spiritual Wellness, Sharon K. Christman and Julia R. Mueller


Changes in Nursing Students' Perceptions of Research and Evidence-based Practice after Completing a Research Course, Carrie N. Keib, Stephanie M. Cailor, Mary E. Kiersma, and Aleda M. H. Chen


Application of Spreitzer's and Kanter's theories for empowerment education., Janet Neal and Sandra Shortt

Publications from 2016


The Lived Experiences of Aboriginal Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer During the Recovering Process in Taiwan: A Descriptive Qualitative Research, Ya-Chun Cheng, Chu-Yu Huang, Wei-Wen Wu, Shu-Chuan Chang, Jane Lee-Hsieh, Shu-Yuan Liang, and Su-Fen Cheng


M.S.N. Offers Online Options, Faster Tracks, Sharon K. Christman


An Interprofessional Approach to Teaching Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) to Pharmacy and Nursing Students, Zach Jenkins, Amy J. Voris, Mark Pinkerton, Connie Bierly Ford, Douglas Anderson, Carolyn A. Barnett, Karen Callan, and Stephanie M. Cailor

Publications from 2015


Fostering Interdisciplinary Communication Between Pharmacy and Nursing Students, Aleda M.H. Chen, Mary E. Kiersma, Carrie N. Keib, and Stephanie M. Cailor


Indoor Air Quality, Angelia Mickle


More Than 200 Viruses Infect Americans with the Common Cold Each Year, Angelia Mickle


The Call to Excellence: No Room for Complacency, Ruth Mosher


As with Ebola Outbreak, Social Determinants of Health Crucial in Recent Rural U.S. HIV Outbreak, Rachel Parrill


Experiences of Indonesian Mother Managing Preschool Children's Acute Abdominal Pain in Taiwan, C. Tseng, Chu-Yu Huang, J. Park, H. Lin, S. Liang, and S. Cheng

Publications from 2014


Fostering Interprofessional Communication with Pharmacy and Nursing Students, Aleda M.H. Chen, Mary E. Kiersma, Carrie N. Keib, and S. Cailor

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Grounded Theory Research, C. B. Draucker, H. Al-Khattab, D. D. Hines, J. Mazurczyk, Anne C. Russell, P. S. Stephenson, and S. Draucker


Leading the Way: Graduate Nursing Practice Grounded in Biblical Truth, Rachel Parrill and Chu-Yu Huang

Publications from 2013


Assessment of Student Confidence in Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Stephanie M. Cailor, Aleda M. H. Chen, M. E. Kiersma, and Carrie N. Keib


Psychometric Properties of an Instrument to Assess Student Confidence in Research, Aleda M.H. Chen, Carrie N. Keib, and M. E. Kiersma

Nursing Care of the Child with Hematologic Disorders, Randall L. Johnson


Evaluation of Interprofessional Communication Skills Confidence Among Pharmacy and Nursing Students, M. E. Kiersma, Aleda M.H. Chen, Carrie N. Keib, and S. Cailor


The Meaning of Transformational Development for Members of an African American Urban Neighborhood, Rachel Parrill and William Barkley

Publications from 2012

Using Preferred Practices to Improve Palliative Care at End of Life, J. Bartel, P. Beach, S. Brookins, Elizabeth A. Delaney, L. DePiero, and S. Wallace

How to Get More Time, Amy J. Voris

Publications from 2011

Bariatric Surgery and Its Impact on Childbearing., Katie Conrad, Anne C. Russell, and Kathy J Keister

Weight Loss Surgery and Your Fertility, K. Conrad, Anne C. Russell, and K. J. Keister

The Eight Domains of Palliative Care: The Framework for Palliative Care Practice, Elizabeth A. Delaney


What Should Oncology Nurses Know When Caring for Veterans?, Elizabeth A. Delaney


Main Caregivers’ Experiences of Managing Pain for Children With Neuroblastoma in Taiwan, C. Lu, Chu-Yu Huang, J. Park, H. Lin, Y. Lee, and S. Cheng


Partnerships for Health in the African American Community: Moving Towards Community-based Participatory Research, Rachel Parrill and Bernice Roberts Kennedy

How Older Adults Experiencing Traumatic Injury Manage Their Lives, Anne C. Russell and K. J. Keister

Publications from 2010

Prevention of Sepsis after Splenectomy., Rizalea B Aguilar, Kathy J Keister, and Anne C. Russell


The Call to Compassion, Sharon K. Christman

Animal-assisted Therapy: Evaluation and Implementation of a Complementary Therapy to Improve the Psychological and Physiological Health of Critically Ill Patients., Mary DeCourcey, Anne C. Russell, and Kathy J Keister


Poor Use of Cardiac Rehabilitation Among Older Adults: A Self-regulatory Model for Tailored Interventions, Carrie N. Keib, N. R. Reynolds, and K. A. Ahijevych

Roadmap to Student Scholarship, K. J. Keister and Anne C. Russell

Massage Therapy for Stress Management: Implications for Nursing Practice, Françoise Labrique-Walusis, Kathy J Keister, and Anne C. Russell

Developing student scholarship through a writing-across-the-curriculum assignment, Anne C. Russell and K. J. Keister

Working with the Poor: Doing Good or Do-gooder?, Susan A. Salladay and Rachel Parrill

Publications from 2009


Feasibility and Acceptability of Stepping Exercise for Cardiovascular Fitness in Women, A. F. Fish, Sharon K. Christman, D. J. Frid, B. A. Smith, and C. X. Bryant

Prevention of Sternal Wound Infections after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery with Use of Insulin Drug Therapy: A Review of the Literature, Maggie Killian, Anne C. Russell, and Kathy J Keister


The Importance of Right Thinking, Susan A. Salladay and Janet Neal


Clinical Ethics Case Consultation: Is It Permissible To Forgo Emergent Restorative Surgery In This Case?, Dennis M. Sullivan and Susan A. Salladay

Publications from 2008


Predictors of Self-Care in Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis: A Test of Orem's Theories of Self-Care and Self-Care Deficit, Lois K. Baker and M. J. Denyes


Comparison of Cost-effectiveness of EVAR vs. OR of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Sharon K. Christman

Palliative Care Consultant: A Reference Guide for Palliative Care, Elizabeth A. Delaney

Exercise-induced Bronchospasm in Children, Chu-Yu Huang and S. Cheng

Rapid Response Teams: The Staff Nurses' Perspectives, Angelia Mickle

The Effect of Resiliency Training on Nursing Students' Abilities to Adapt to Stress, Janet Neal

The Plea of the Needy, Susan A. Salladay, Judith Shrubsole, and Rachel Parrill

Continuous Measurement of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure: How Difficult Can It Be?, M. L. Sole, D. Aragon, Randall L. Johnson, and M. Bennett

Publications from 2007

Peripheral Vascular Disease, Sharon K. Christman


Readiness to Exercise: A Comparison of 3 Instruments and an Interview, A. F. Fish, D. J. Frid, G. L. Mitchell, J. L. Fish, Sharon K. Christman, and K. S. Astroth

Nursing Care of the Child with Hematologic Disorders, Randall L. Johnson

State of the Science: Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Randall L. Johnson

Considering the Patient Perspective: The Influence of Patient Perceptions of Coronary Heart Disease on Cardiac Rehabilitation Utilization, Carrie N. Keib


Coping with Tough Choices at the End of Life, Susan A. Salladay


Gene Therapy: Restoring Health or Playing God?, Dennis M. Sullivan and Susan A. Salladay

Publications from 2006

Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Chu-Yu Huang and S. Cheng

Reply to Comments, Chu-Yu Huang and S. Cheng

Intermittent Versus Continuous Measures of Endotracheal Cuff Pressures, Randall L. Johnson and M. L. Sole

Mediastinitis Following Coronary Artery Bypass graft Surgery: Pathogenesis, Clinical Presentation, Risks, and Management, Carrie N. Keib and J. C. Pelham

How Do Women Living At or Below Federal Poverty Guidelines Rate Their Health Promotion Self-efficacy?, Rachel Parrill

Publications from 2005


Research Update: New Research Being Undertaken to Examine Ways to Improve Exercise Capacity in Patients with Insulin Resistance, Sharon K. Christman


Thermal Modification of Partial Tears of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, D. S. Lamar, A. R. Bartolozzi, K. B. Freedman, S. Nagda, and Clifford W. Fawcett III

Intermittent Versus Continuous Measures of Endotracheal Cuff Pressures, M. L. Sole and Randall L. Johnson

Publications from 2003


Beliefs About Tobacco Among Appalachian Current and Former Users, K. Ahijevych, P. Kuun, Sharon K. Christman, T. Wood, K. Browning, and M. E. Wewers

Inquiry of Taiwanese Children's Pain Experiences, S. F. Cheng, R. L. Foster, N. O. Hester, and Chu-Yu Huang

Concept Analysis of Pain, S. F. Cheng, R. L. Foster, and Chu-Yu Huang


Help is on the Way . . . but We Need to Work Together, Sharon K. Christman

The Role of Nebulized Opioids in Managing Terminal Dyspnea: Implications for the Clinical Nurse Specialist, Elizabeth A. Delaney, Jane Doorley, Michelle Hobbs, and James Murphy

Publications from 2002

What You Need to Know About Early Cancer Detection, Amy J. Voris

Publications from 2001


Brief Research Report, Sharon K. Christman


Exercise Training and Smoking Cessation as the Cornerstones of Managing Claudication, Sharon K. Christman, K. Ahijevych, and J. Buckworth


School-aged Sheltered Homeless Children's Stressors and Coping Behaviors, Chu-Yu Huang and E. M. Menke


Educational Needs and Altered Eating Habits Following a Total Laryngectomy, T. A. Lennie, Sharon K. Christman, and R. A. Jadack

Stigma and Social Isolation, Amy J. Voris

Publications from 2000


Continuous Handrail Support, Oxygen Uptake, and Heart Rate in Women During Submaximal Step Treadmill Exercise, Sharon K. Christman, A. F. Fish, L. Bernhard, D. J. Frid, B. A. Smith, and G. L. Mitchell

Attribution of Injury to Alcohol Involvement in Young Adults Seriously Injured in Alcohol-related Motor Vehicle Crashes, M S Sommers, J M Dyehouse, S R Howe, J Lemmink, K Davis, M McCarthy, and Anne C. Russell

Publications from 1998


Stepping as an Exercise Modality for Improving Fitness and Function, Sharon K. Christman, A. F. Fish, D. J. Frid, B. A. Smith, and G. L. Mitchell


Stretching the Boundaries: An ER Dilemma, Connie Bierly Ford

Publications from 1997

Steptreadmill Exercise Training and Blood Pressure Reduction in Women with Mild Hypertension, A. F. Fish, B. A. Smith, D. J. Frid, Sharon K. Christman, D. Post, and N. J. Montalto

Spinal Cord Injuries, Gunshot Wounds to the Chest, Epidural and Subdural Hematomas, Hemothorax, Diffuse Axonal Injuries and Pelvic Fractures, Anne C. Russell

Publications from 1995

Acute Glomerulonephritis, I. B. Alyn and Lois K. Baker

Nephrotic Syndrome, I. B. Alyn and Lois K. Baker

Diaper Dermatitis, Lois K. Baker

Publications from 1994

Sense of Coherence in Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis, Lois K. Baker

Publications from 1993

Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation and Oxygen Partial Pressure as Predictors of Cardiac Index after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting., M S Sommers, J S Stevenson, R L Hamlin, T D Ivey, and Anne C. Russell

Publications from 1992

Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology of the Fetus, Neonate, Infant, Child and Adolescent, I. B. Alyn and Lois K. Baker

Pharmacologic Manipulation of Preload, Afterload, and Contractility in the Young, Lois K. Baker and I. B. Alyn